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Colloidal Minerals" Yes, it's true I only endorse American Longevity !
The Majestic Earth mineral is the Champagne of Plant Derived Minerals "

Doctor Joel Wallach

Doctor Wallach,Walich,Dcotor Walach,Colloidal Minerals,Dead Doctors Don't Lie



I think it is time to clear up many misconceptions about the minerals I speak of in my lecture, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". PURE, PLANT DERIVED colloidal minerals are what I have used and recomended for many years. The testimonials referenced in my lecture are from people using Pure, Plant derived colloidal minerals from the Prehisoric Valley in Southern Utah! Minerals that some companes use are from Sea Bed clays and shales are inorganic minerals by definition are almost totally non absorbable. Inorganic minerals in suspension can "legally" be called colloidal minerals but are in reality a low cost marketing ploy to sell vastly inferior minerals to an unwary public, the safty of which is in serious doubt. Also it is important to get value for your money, state of the art is now 19,000 mg per bottle. When I put together the Youngevity "Majestic Earth" colloidal mineral line I used only "the best" Pure Plant Derived Colloidal minerals in a special high potency extraction from the Rockland Corp. This way I can personally stand behind every bottle and promise you that you are really getting "THE BEST" pure plant derived colloidal minerals available on the face of this earth ! It's been three years in the planning and now it is here.

MAJESTIC EARTHColloidal Minerals,Dr. WallachColloidal Minerals are the best there is!




Doctor Wallach never performed all those autopsies - FACT - Under the auspices of a National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.) grant through Washington University he performed 17,500 autopsies and is recognized as an expert witness by the courts in comparative pathology and comparative medicine!

That Doctor Wallach recommends butter over olive oil - FACT - No where in his lecture does he say that. I wonder if the critics are really listening to his tape or are they simply degrading him for other reasons? Dr Wallach did say that members of one of the longest lived cultures in the world drink up to 40 cups of tea per day and each cup has a pad of butter and a block of salt. Although Doctors have been screaming bloody murder at Dr. Wallach for this for years, studies just releases in mid 1997 show no correlation between limiting salt consumption and decreasing blood preasure!

Colloidal Minerals are not absorbed well - Fact - Organically sourced minerals are by definition from plants. Plant derived minerals are highly absorbable and all chelation procedures for encapsulated minerals simply strive to duplicate what nature does naturally.Note this does not apply if you are buying inorganic minerals from clay or old sea beds

Doctor Joel Wallach has incorrect information in his tape - Fact - Dr Wallach in every instance uses third party refference from highly respected sourses (like the Journal of American Med. Assoc. J.A.M.A)

Chelated minerals are more highly absorbed than Colloidal - This is the same old sales pap they have been shoving down our throats for years! And how many people were cured of their arthritis using chelated minerals? How many have we seen with Colloidals? The difference is obvious!

Colloidal minerals are toxic - fact - Organically sourced minerals are the only type mineral that cannot go toxic. If the body does not use organicaly bound minerals in around 8 hours they pass out in the urine. With inorganicaly sourced minerals that may be true.

Dr Wallach's position that metalic mineral absorbtion declines by up to 60% in many people over age 35 is wrong - fact - At approx. age 35 HCl production in the stomach declines and is furthor exacerbated by doctors puting their patients on a low salt diet. Low HCl levels interfere with the absorbtion of all nutrients.

Look At Doctor Wallach's Pig Pack Formula!
Doctor Wallach,Walich,Dcotor Walach,Colloidal Minerals,Dead Doctors Don't Lie

Ultimate Resolution is an essential tool for managing body fat.Its two main ingredients are chitosan and pyruvate.
Chitosan is described by some as the "fiber of the future" and Pyruvate is a by-product of human metabolism.
Ultimate Resolution capsules are a must have for anyone interested in weight management.

90 Capsules #21261

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Ultimate Resolution - 90 Capsules Case (4 Bottles) $124.00