Titicaca is found in the Andrean highlands of Peru at 12,506 feet above sea level.


4. THE TITICACA : Gucilaso de la Vega whose father was Spanish and whose mother was an Inca princess recorded (1609) the legend of the beginnings of the Titicaca peoples. Thus as legend holds, the first Incas came to earth on an island in Lake Titicaca, to start what was to become the most advanced civilization of pre-Colombian America. Titicaca is found in the Andrean highlands of Peru at 12,506 feet above sea level. The main city of Titicaca is Puno (population 32,000) ; the people of the Altiplano (high plains) are divided into the pure Indians and the " mestizos " who are a mix of Indian and Spanish. The treeless hills that form the Altiplano surrounding Lake Titicaca are covered with "pata pata" , or the stone terraces built by the Incas to provide level farming areas, and as catchments for the mineral rich " Glacial Milk " from the great Andean Mountain, Mount Cardillera Real with which they irrigated their crops. Because the extreme elevation of the Altiplano, maize or Indian corn wouldn't grow in the Lake Titicaca region, Instead the Incas grew tubers never before seen by the Spanish, "They supplant the lack of bread with some roots they call "papas" (potatoes) and which produce under the earth," noted Father Acosta. When introduced into Europe by the Spanish the potato became more valuable than all the gold in the world. The Inca also invented a freeze drying technique to save harvested potatoes for the winter, described in 1609 by a Spanish Friar. The original Indians of the Lake Titicaca region are the Aymara; the Quechua who still speak the language of the Incas were descendants of Inca slaves after the Inca occupation in the 12th century. The melting glaciers of the Codillera Real, the towering Andean Mountain that reaches 20,000 feet produces a mineral rich " Glacial Milk " that is used to irrigate the terraced fields that feeds the Titicacas and supplies the water to Lake Titicaca itself. The Incas used irrigation ditches to channel water from the lake itself as well as from the " Glacial Milk " to water and demineralize their well manicured terraces.


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