THE VICABAMBA : Ecuador's star shaped "Sacred Valley of Longevity" (Vilcamba)



3.THE VICABAMBA : Ecuador's star shaped "Sacred Valley of Longevity" (Vilcamba) is actually five valleys that converge and sit between two Andean Mountains at 12,434 feet above sea level. The western skyline of Vilcabamba is dominated by the summit of Mandango, the tallest mountain whose glaciers supply the mineral rich " Glacial Milk " which is used to irrigate the terraced fields. The " Glacial Milk " originating from the high peaks of Podocarpus National Park pours into the Rio Yambala which converges with the Chamba River which is also used for irrigation. In 1971 a census revealed nine people over 100 years of age for every 819 or an astounding one centenarian per 100 people !!! Miguel Carpio at age 123 was the oldest living Vilcamban found at the census - he still smoked , drank wine, and "chased women" The staple diet of the Vilcabamba Indian includes corn, beans, goat meat, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, and a soup known as repe which is made from bananas, beans, white cheese,salt and lard. Their average total calorie intake is 1,200 to 1,800 calories per day.


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