Russian Georgians used Glacial Milk " for over 2.500 years. 


2. THE RUSSIAN GEORGIANS : The Russian Georgians as well as the Abkhazians, Azerbaijanis, and Armanians are found on the timberline of the Caucasus Mountains which have peaks of 12,434 to 13,274 feet above sea level. They live in simple stone houses without electricity, their blood pressure is typically 104/72 at age 100, women continue to have children after age 52, they typically drink and eight ounce glass of vodka with breakfast and a large glass of wine with lunch and dinner. Almost all of the "old people" are from rural backgrounds or occupations such as farmers, shepherds and/or hunters. The staple diet of the Caucasus region includes chicken, mutton, beef, goat milk, cheese, yogurt and butter,bread, tomatoes,cucumbers, green onions, garlic, fruit, pita bread, boiled corn meal mush (abusta) red peppers, tea and wine and salt. Their total caloric intake per day ranges between 1,800 and 1.900. Their terraced fields have been irrigated with highly mineralized " Glacial Milk " for over 2.500 years. 

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