Tibetans used water from Glaciers called Glacial Milk.


1.THE TIBETANS : The Tibetans were the inspiration for the Pulitzer Prize winning book by James Hilton, The Lost Horizon. Tibets old people are found on Chang Tang or the northern plateau, elevation 15,000 feet, which consists of salt lakes fed by glaciers from the eastern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains. page191 South of Lhasa are tens of thousands of acres fed and watered by mineral rich " Glacial Milk " which originates in the Himalayan glaciers and supplies and endless source of minerals from " Glacial Milk " to ensure the Tibetans will reach their genetic potential for longevity.
Li-Ching-Yun lived to the age of 256, he outlived 23 wives! Li of Kalhsien, in the Province of Szechwan, China, was born in 1677 and died in 1933 at the age of 256 years { and was the inspiration for the 200 year old leader of Hilton's Shangri-La ). Professor Wu-Chung-Chien, the dean of the Department of Education, of the Minkuo University claims to have found records showing Li was in fact born in 1677 (the Chinese have the most accurate of all census records in the history of man }, and that on his 150th birthday (1827), he was congratulated by the Chinese Imperial Government. Fifty years later, In 1877, Li was sent another official congratulations on his 200th birthday. fifty years later, at the age of 250 years. Li lectured to a thousand medical students in Beijing on the art of living a long life. London Times May 8, 1933 telegrams in Brief- A telegram from Chungking in the province of Szechwan, China, states that Li-Ching-Yun, reputed to be the oldest manin China and presumably the world, has died at Kiah-Sien, at the alleged age of 256- Reuters. New York TImes May 6, 1933 Li-Ching-Yun-Dead: gave age as 197.


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