Flex Flow contains the key powerful nutrients Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, CMO and MSM which specifically address the structure and function of the joints, connective tissue and blood vessels.

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Joint Pain

Arthritis On Alert: Glucosamine Sulfate is used in
Doctor Joel Wallach's SupraLife

Capsule Nutrition - Flex Flow

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Nutritional Support for Healthy Joints

What Makes Flex Flow Different?

Flex Flow is a unique multi-faceted product that targets a broad spectrum of the factors involved in maintaining healthy joints. The synergistic, balanced blend of ingredients enhances the benefits of each, providing optimal results.

Flex Flow contains the key powerful nutrients Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate, CMO and MSM which specifically address the structure and function of the joints, connective tissue and blood vessels. Boswellia extract and urtica dioica have also been added for their anti-inflammatory properties, among other things.

In addition to these targeted ingredients, Flex Flow contains important nutrients such as Vitamin B6, niacin, zinc, evening primrose oil, and rutin. These combined nutrients provide your body with the multi-faceted nutritional support your joints may need. When combined with a full spectrum nutrition regimen, the results have been amazing!

Facts about

Facts About Your Joints

The health, mobility and function of your joints can be compromised by injury, disease, excess stress/pressure, and simple daily wear and tear. Fortunately, exciting research - both old and new - has shown that certain powerful nutrients can have a tremendous positive impact on maintaining healthy joints and connective tissue :

Glucosamine Sulfate not only initiates the production of the key elements of joint and cartilage integrity, but also protects the existing cartilage. Clinical studies have shown that glucosamine can actually help the body repair and replace lost cartilage, thereby reversing the process.

Chondroitin Sulfate initiates a process which attracts and keeps fluid in the joints. The fluid then acts as a "shock absorber", protecting the cartilage, and also transports nutrients into the area, keeping it healthy.

Studies have shown that mega doses of Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM) are more effective at relieving pain than NSAIDs, and without the side-effects. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the body to eliminate toxins.

Cetyl-myristoleate (CMO) is a fatty acid that serves to lubricate joints while reducing inflammation. It also helps reduce the auto immune response common in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Boswellia extract has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the inflammatory response and improve blood supply to the joints. Urtica dioica (stinging nettle) is known as both an anti-inflammatory and a powerful detoxifier.

Other nutrient co-factors such as vitamin B6, niacin, evening primrose oil and zinc have also been shown to have specific value in maintaining healthy joints.

These nutrients are most effective when added to a base of full spectrum supplementation (100 plus nutrients needed on a daily basis).


Suggested Use :
Four or more capsules per day or as directed by your Health Care Practitioner.

Each 4 Capsules Contain :

 Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 50 mg 2500
 Niacin (as Niacinamide) 40 mg 200
 Zinc (as Gluconate) 6 mg 40
 Evening Primose Oil 25 mg *
 Chondroitin Sulfate 300 mg *
 N-Acetyl Glucosamine 200 mg *
 CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate) 150 mg *
 MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100 mg *
 Rutin 5 mg *
 Boswellia Extract (60% Boswellic Acids) 100 mg *
 Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica Dioica) 400 mg *

Glucosamine Sulfate,joint pain,arthritis,ostoarthrits,rheumatism,knox gelatin,chicken cartilageGlucosamine Sulfate is one of the Ingredients which are recommended by both Dr. Theodosakis M.D..M.S, M.R.H.(Author of "The Arthritis Cure") and Dr. Jason Bucci,Ph.D.C.C.N. (Author of "Pain Free")
Arthritis.joint, hip replacementSame product that you hear about on "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Doctor Joel Wallach.
Arthritis,joint problemsGreat Treatment for Joint Problems, Arthritis
Arthritis,ostoarthritisReplaces the "Knox" Gelatin in Dr. Wallach's Pig Arthritis Formula! No More Clumps in Your Juice!
ArthritisCombined Power of 100% Beef Gelatin
ArthritisBest taken with Majestic Earth Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals!


Invision CM Cream - 2 oz. #150201

The Ultimate CM Cream is designed for those nagging aches and pains, and the compound in our CM Cream is endorsed by Tony Gwynn! Tony has been a popular part of our own San Diego Padres baseball team for many years and is a sure bet to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame! The CM Cream is a great compliment to the Ultimate CM Plus capsules and the Pig Pack for daily supplementation.
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Osteo-FX Plus #13210

Youngevity's ® Osteo fx Plus ™ was formulated to support healthy bones and joints, Osteo fx Plus ™ meets the U.S. daily requirements for people over age 50 with 1,200 mg of calcium, and contains the co-factors necessary to help your body better absorb and retain calcium.

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Doctor Joel Wallach and his Pig Pack Formula can be for those that are one of the 20 million Americans who has listened to Doctor Wallach's "Dead Doctors Don't Lie! - the audio tape by Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, The Mineral Doctor? Doctor Wallach has advocated that this formula may comfort those with arthritis pain and associated joint problems.

Pig Pack Formula from Youngevity has made ordering the products for the Pig Pack Formula much easier. You can buy all those products at one time. Included in the pig pack is 2 Majestic Earth Minerals #13203, 2 Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy Tangerine #13221, 1 Ultimate Gluco Gel #21251 and 1 Ultimate E.F.A. #20641 .

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