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The greatest of all American adventures is to own your own business; the success of your independent Youngevity network marketing distributorship is directly related to relationships relationships with customers, other Youngevity Associates and the company.

Success is measured in many ways including lifestyle, financial freedom and accomplishing personal goals. Tied closely to your business success is the company's distributor support structure and the method by which Youngevity will compensate you.

Experience has shown that a simple, rewarding and well defined compensation plan is the key in planning your efforts for maximum return and effectiveness.

At Youngevity, we have a very simple and straight forward plan that achieves these goals. As you study the Youngevity Plan, you will find that it is very concise and simple to explain. You will find that the plan can lead to success and rewards for you as well as those who join the Youngevity team.

Minerals are essential to life itself!
Welcome to Youngevity! We are a company dedicated to providing you with the health and nutritional products you need to lead a full, healthy and happy life. This site contains some of the best and most complete products on the market today. These are the products of the 21st century the products that will help you achieve your potential for maximum longevity.


colloidal minerals,colloid,wallach,mineral doctor,plant derived
Minerals are essential to life itself!

Majestic Earth Minerals - 32 oz.- #13203

Wholesale Price: $18.00

Majestic Earth has 7 major and 65 minor Colloidal Trace Minerals which go into instant action in your body. Majestic Earth Colloidal Minerals is nature's original, unaltered, time proven formula. It's non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The minerals occur in naturally varying amounts measured in milligrams, PPM (parts per million) or PPB (Parts per billion) Majestic Earth is in a natural balanced form for greatest benefit, it is 98% absorbable(Colloid the smallest particle) by the body. It is the only Mineral product that is 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. No sweeteners no additives its just the way mother nature intended it to be.